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Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons and Frozen.


"your password is weak"

You’re the weak one
And you’ll never know love, or friendship
And I feel sorry for you

4 hours ago | Tuesday

Tinker Bell’s pretty face appreciation post

Silvermist | Fawn | Rosetta | Vidia | Zarina

make me choose
theoncomingstormborns asked: cersei lannister or joffrey baratheon

16 hours ago | Tuesday

Disney Name Meme —-> D E N A - M A R I E

fifth letter ;; a quote

Legend of Korra-Season 1

1 day ago | Monday
T A G S : avatar q



IF YOU LOVE ANIMATION, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! One of the best edited videos I have EVER seen! The story goes so smoothly and character from your favorite movies make an appearance. The music just goes so well with the whole plot.

Why…why am I close to tears right now? Omg…


→ The proud Lannister children

1 day ago | Monday
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